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Production of more than 600,000 vials of RamedSavier and 30 million tablets of Favipiravir

Production of more than 600,000 vials of RamedSavier and 30 million tablets of Favipiravir

"Currently, about 6 million people in the country are continuously taking various Octovorco drugs," said the director of the Octovorco factory.

According to the public relations of the ACTOVER Group, Dr. Reza Mostofi, during the visit of Dr. Alireza Zali, Commander of the Corona Countermeasures Headquarters in the Tehran metropolis, said: ACTOVERVER  Pharmaceutical and Food Group currently has 300 pharmaceutical products, 500 food products In 43,000 square meters of drug production space and 70One thousand square meters of food production space for medicine and 4200 manpower are working in this holding.

Also, Octovorco Pharmaceutical Department has 18 lines of tablets and capsules, 3 vial lines, 2 pre-filled syringe production lines, It has 1 ampoule production line, 3 production lines for lyophilized products, and 4 production lines with bio-reactor. We also have more than 10 GMP certifications for our product lines.

Regarding the Corona pandemic, Mostofi added: Designing and supplying medical equipment and donating it to medical centers and deprived areas, Production of hand and surface disinfectant solutions and donation to medical centers and deprived areas Supply of oseltamivir, lopinavir/ritonavir and its distribution throughout the country in April this year, the first manufacturer of Ramdcivir injectable drug in two forms of soluble and lyophilized and production of more than 600,000 vials, Production of 30 million favipiravir tablets, production of ivermectin And study and research in the field of production of corona vaccine and preparation of infrastructure and facilities of the industrial phase of production This product was one of Octovarco's actions during the Corona pandemic.