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We must use the capacity of the private sector to provide the corona vaccine

We must use the capacity of the private sector to provide the corona vaccine

Commander of the Corona Headquarters in the Tehran metropolis, pointing out that today is the industry "The country's pharmacy has reached a very high level," she said: The commitment of the country's pharmaceutical industry to quality and standard is unparalleled and we have never seen quality being sacrificed in this industry.

According to the public relations of ACTOVER Group, Alireza Zali added during her visit to the ACTOVER factory: Establishment of Octavar by the late Mostafa Naraghi before the revolution and when the presence of multinational companies in Iran was prominent And there was a lot of competition, showing their fearlessness and patriotism.

She explained that the capacities of collections such as Octovorco should be used more: Achieving global standards in the pharmaceutical industry has become more stringent On the other hand, scientific interactive communication with foreign partners is essential despite political difficulties And without the use of global experience, progress in the pharmaceutical industry is hard work. It is very valuable that Octovorco cooperates with 10 international companies and transfers technical knowledge to the country, and this should not be stopped. 

She added: "Youthfulness is another valuable event that has taken place in October and can bring good things to life."

Zali pointed out that dependence on the import of pharmaceutical raw materials is one of the weaknesses of the country's pharmaceutical industry Which has caused a lot of valuation to be imposed on the country, she said: "Biohazard drugs are another weakness of the country's pharmaceutical industry," she said, Of course, some companies have entered this field, and in my opinion, if a company does not enter this field It lags behind the competition Many new drugs enter the market through biohazard.

The commander of the Corona headquarters in the metropolis of Tehran emphasized: the burden of diseases should be specified on a map So that investors can enter the field of drug production with a better view. For example, asthma, lung diseases, and COPD will be some of the main diseases in Iran in the coming years. In the field of cancer, the patterns of infection have changed in Iran and the world.

"Corona is a complex disease whose eradication is currently out of the question," she said. We will be dealing with this disease for a long time And we are just seeing mutations in the Coronavirus  Therefore, the work of pharmaceutical companies in the field of corona will be continuous. We are also waiting for the next corona waves and we should not see the current declining statistics. On the other hand, although we have no definitive cure for coronary heart disease, fortunately, what is currently prescribed in world for corona treatment is also prescribed in Iran And from this point of view, we do not have a shortage of drugs such as RemedSivir, Favipiravir, Ivermectin, etc. 

The commander of the Corona headquarters in the metropolis of Tehran emphasized purchasing Corona vaccines from reputable sources: We have no choice but to vaccinate to achieve collective safety and break the chain of coronary heart disease. Vaccination will significantly reduce the number of deaths and coronary heart disease. The corona will eventually change from pandemic to endemic at best And so we have to have both domestically produced and foreign vaccines And use the capacity of the private sector to provide vaccines.